Training and recovery after Ironman

Soooo…what to do now 🙂

The Endurance Nation folks have a good summary that represents much of what I’ve read

I’ll be shifting to a BIG focus on nutrition and calories, since my exercise calorie burn will be gone for a few weeks, and I don’t want to add back that hard fought 17 pounds that I dropped 🙂

…loose end post…my final formal weigh-in was 188 on October 30, one week before Ironman…I’ll add a bit more detail in a few days as I shift my focus back over to the nutrition side.

In terms of ‘training’ I’ll be doing enough of ‘something’ to held keep the weight in check, but totally unstructured between now and January 1…the primary training guidance after Ironman is to not try to come back too fast, no matter what you do…particularly running.

Week 1
The week after Ironman, the gold standard is to do no training at all…some walking, _maybe_ some light, short swimming…_maybe_ a short, noodle bike ride by the weekend…no running at all.

My quads are still stiff, feeling a bit swollen, so don’t have the tight definition that they usually have, but other than that, I’m feeling pretty good…a bit ‘worn’, but still pretty good…not really in the mood to do anything too vigorous though.

Week 2
Swimming is okay this week for the swimming types…although I’m not sure that I’ll feel much motivation to go to the pool myself…bike can be moved back in to the ‘frequency’ but not intensity…so what I’d call ‘noodle’ rides…and no running…still…_maybe_ easy easy and short by that 2nd weekend…_maybe_.

So I’ll probably be back on my mountain bike, store the tri bike, and get the road bike back in action…_maybe_ a short, easy running loop by the weekend just to test the legs…I know that I’ll want to.

Week 3
Swimming for the swimming types, bike can be back towards ‘normal’, and running back towards normal frequency, but not intensity.

Week 4
The earliest point that ‘normal’ training could resume.

…but for me, laying it back until the new year, getting my body back healthy and _maybe_ see if I can get off a few more pounds somewhere, before ramping back any structured training

…oh yeah…I did sign up for Ironman Florida 2012 🙂


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