I’m baaaaack :)

April 1…the first day in 4 months that I actually put on a Heart Rate monitor for a run workout…interval speed session at the local track…nice

IronDaughter is working for the London Olympics these days, enjoying England, and is planning to take this year off from Ironman, with what will become a rather intense work schedule leading into and during the Games in August.

I’ve been still ‘working out’ 8-10 hours a week for most weeks…not ‘training’, just keeping up the calorie burn, unstructured biking and running, and haven’t swam a stroke since Ironman Florida last November.

I plan to take the month of April to ramp back up the speedwork, and at that point see where I’m at, and decide on goals for the rest of the year.

Right now I’m planning on just working on speed on the bike and run for the next 4 months…relatively short workouts, most about an hour, one bike a little longer each week…hard to very hard intensity…and then flip the switch into the 12 week Ironman ramp-up…adding the ‘far’ onto ‘fast’…maybe some transitional ramp-up in distance there

…and then that swimming thing…still not sure what I really want to do with that this year…haven’t been missing the pool for the past 4 months…will get back into it a bit in April

I’m guessing that my overall fitness level is not that far off from where I was at this point last year…maybe a bit behind, but not much…it’ll be interesting to see how the next 4 weeks goes, as I switch to almost all intensity all the time in workouts…fun if something doesn’t break 🙂

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