2 month official weigh-in: 189…down from 205

So here it is…weigh-in yesterday a solid 189.0

…for the first time, I’m beginning to believe that it’s actually 15 pounds gone

…gone from somewhere…not sure from ‘where’ really

…but gone…so good 🙂

As you can see on the graph to the right, it wasn’t a straight line down over 8 weeks…but did steadily drop off

…clicking on the weight loss Categories link down the right side column will give you the posts that I’ve written over the last 2 months tracking my weight loss goal if you missed some

In the graph on the left, you’ll notice a small gap in the weigh-in data from last week, as we had a 1 week vacation away from the scale and my Food Diary…and the subsequent weigh-in where the line starts again…1 pound up from the last one…so the net effect is that I lost a week in there, may have added a pound or so…certainly didn’t lose any

…didn’t really eat obnoxiously…a few more beers…all restaurant dinners, eating everything on my plate…oh yea, and a few desserts…and a bit less exercise…obviously it all adds up, and my body appears to have been more than happy to use the opportunity to pack back on a pound or 2

…this whole ‘maintaining, if not losing, weight’, therefore still feels very frail to me and needs _constant_ attention…like every hour, all day long, day after day…that’s a lot of focus, I have to tell you.

Okay…here’s the ‘before’ picture on the right…well, actually the ‘current’ me with the 15+ pounds…represented by the 7 (32 oz.) Gatorade bottles…strapped to my body…the weight that I lost in the last 8 weeks

…try it…it’s _heavy_…I can’t imagine running with that load strapped onto me

…yet I did…for years…geez

And the ‘current’ 189 pound, 57-year-old me on the left…you can still see that some of the ‘love handle’ remains, and the ab definition isn’t that of a body builder, but better than it was

…more deep analysis to come, but I do have to say that I’m happier here, working to keep at 190 or under, than trying to stay under 205

…like what was I thinking?

…oh, and I did decide that the full-view Speedo pictures where a bit much for good taste on a family website

…however, private viewings are available by appointment, and ‘live’ in the transition area of Ironman Florida this year…unless you can cut a deal with Coach Dinah to sneak a camera into the pool 🙂


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