…I just kept on going…

A funny thing happened last Friday night as I was taking my mountain bike, just back from the shop, out of the SUV to put into the house…I just kept on going…like for an hour.

We had just gotten back from dinner, I had dropped off my phone in my office when I remembered that I still had to take my bike out of truck…back in the living room my wife had quickly settled in, already laughing along with Two and a Half Men.

It was a muggy night, so I had worn a t-shirt and shorts to the local bar…not quite dark yet, I pulled out the bike and it struck me just how cool it looked, _really_ clean for the first time in months, with its new Maxxis Ignitor tires…the helmet was hanging on the handlebars, so I put it on without strapping it up for the 50 yard ride around the back to put it in the house…and kept on going 🙂

I rode over to the local college cross country trail, for a quick run through the forest, on my shiny mountain bike, with it’s new spiky tires, spinning though tight turns with a new found confidence and laughing out loud 🙂

While spinning through the forest, I remembered my days as a kid, when I rode my red Eaton’s Road King bike everywhere…I loved that bike…it had no gearing…just a single front and rear spocket…so I’d push hard up the hills, and pedaled furiously going down, and _loved_ to go fast…and would look for places to go, just so that I could ride.

…that was me again pushing along the trail as fast as I could on that Friday night…a 56 year old kid

Most of my bike riding these days is ‘training’…head down, aero position, pushing power, maintaining cadence, pressing through the hours of rolling pavement.

…I need to just get out and ‘ride’ more often…it’s sooo much fun 🙂

When I got back, my wife was just finishing up an episode of The Walton’s…figuring that I had been squirreled away in my man-cave…until she saw my sweaty t-shirt and grimy legs…

where’d you go?
a little spin on my mountain bike
isn’t it dark out?
getting there
how was it?
 sooo cool…I was pulling out the bike from the truck and just kept on going

I guess when you’re married to one of those Ironman crazy, nothing fazes you anymore 🙂


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