is that all there is?…last long run today…in the rain

I double checked it…that’s it…no more long runs on my training schedule before Ironman Florida, now 3 1/2 weeks away

…coaches brighter than me, feel it best to rest out the old legs, and let them recover in time for the Big Show

…feels weird of course…’long’ run next week is 90 minutes…to me, you’re not going long unless it’s at least 2 hours…so that’s it…weird

I still do have a Race Rehearsal weekend ahead, highlighted by 6 hours on the bike and a 1 hour run, like I did 3 weeks ago

…so it’s not like the schedule goes slack quite yet…but getting into the final strokes…cool

So my last long run today was fittingly in a cold rain…why not…as it turns out, I did a part of it in the cold driving rain just for pleasure and experience…a part of it in the YMCA gym on the treadmill…and then finished in what had become a cold drizzle…no rain checks in Ironman 🙂

…after 2:45:00, and something around 16 miles…never sure about those treadmill distances…I had lots of legs left, but that was the workout spec, so that was it…done…last long run…weird

Considering that a few days ago on Saturday, I rode over 122 miles, finishing with a nice 1 hour uphill mountain series of switchbacks, I was happy that my legs were in play at all for the run today.

But they were…and as I contemplate that I’m probably in the shape of my life…weight where I was in high school…knocking off 7 hour bike rides, and 2 1/2 hour runs like they’re routine…swimming for 1 1/2 hours…slow…but geez…still swimming at the end

…I realize something again, that I’ve said many times over the past 5 years:

It’s not about the Race

Because, you see the Ironman race is a date on the calendar…it’s primary use is to give me a goal…that gets me out the door on a day like today

…for over 2 1/2 hours…in the rain for a run…or to swimming lesson every Friday…or on the bike for over 6 hours on a Saturday

For without that date on the calendar, most of that wouldn’t happen.

Of course I want to do well on the day…November 5…Ironman Florida…5th time…wow

…I still remember when I thought ‘some day’ I’ll run a marathon…just to say that I did it…now it follows a rather significant swim and bike warm-up

…but the best news is that simply having that date on the calendar…and working towards it over the past year…has given me a fitness level that I otherwise would just be dreaming about

…by the time that I’m at the starting line, the ‘race’ has given me everything that I wanted from it

…I’ll enjoy the day…enjoy just how fit I am…look forward to the finish line

And this year, joined again by my daughter has definitely invigorated my training and focus…and giving us something mutual to talk about this past year, and spending some extra time with her before, during and after the race…so great 🙂

I do find myself saying recently:

I need a new drug

Iron Chuck has shifted to the Birkebeiner … cross country skiing…I seem to remember that as being cold…good to have ‘something’ on the calendar to get me out the door…

…I’ll probably sign up for Ironman Florida next year…I wonder if Iron Daughter will 🙂


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4 Responses to is that all there is?…last long run today…in the rain

  1. Anne Boone says:

    I’ll probably do my last 100 ride tomorrow. It’ll be my only ride this week, because of the rain. Doing a 16 mile run Sat, then probably one more next week. Did 2 miles in the pool yesterday and plan to do 2-4 more in the next 2 weeks. I am worried about the swim , but 2-milers are getting easier, so that’s a plus.

    You are definitely in great shape. Actually, I am,too, tho I weigh 1 1/2-2 pounds more than last year. I do love being really fit…I feel so damned superior! All this exercise sure helps to iron out the 65 year old wrinkles.

    Got a 12 mile run this AM. The weather’s finally nice. I do love to run.

    The only time I tried cross country skiing, years ago, I loved it. But I’ll run a lot this winter and race a bunch. I’m dreaming of winning my age group at the 2012 Bridge Run.

    I have friend who did the half Iron at the Myrtle Beach championships last weekend . She’s an incredible athlete, 22 years old. But she had awful calf cramps and shin splints during the run. She’s doing the full Beach to Battleship in 2 1/2 weeks. I’m worried about her. I am SO lucky that I have no injuries…not even any aches and pains, except for my lower back which is just an old age thing.

    Stay well, and enjoy your taper!

    • Dad says:

      Anne, it sure sounds like you’ve gotten in the training this year…good job!
      – I guess if we knew how to draft in a swim, we could do it together 🙂

      will be great to catch up with you in Florida

  2. Elsie Kwiatkowski says:

    Congratulations,Steve.I am so pleased to read that you are feeling so well, at this point of your training.I like your motto,”Dream it,believe it,and achieve it”.With your years of experience,and research,I know that you will stay inside the lines of your ability,and reach the goals,that you are striving to attain.
    With love and prayers from your Mom

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