Rubber side down…

I remembered this video on my long bike ride on Saturday when a driver in an SUV stopped at a stop sign, then suddenly pulled out right in front of me just as I was about to go by…luckily I had my hands on my brakes already…out of my aerobars to also create some motion and a bigger target to be seen…and was watching the drivers head and front wheel closely for any movement…force of habit when coming up to intersections…and when they shot out in front of me, braked hard enough to skid the back wheel, and got off just enough speed to not hit them…didn’t drop the bike, and missed the SUV around the back…close.

I was coming up the road at 20 MPH…I presume the driver never did see me…they did stop at the stop sign, looking left…where I was…looked up the road to the right…then that quick acceleration to beat oncoming traffic…still looking right…a second or 2 later, and the driver would have seen me…either coming through the driver side window, or plastered on the windshield like a bug.

…but not this time…so good

So just another gentle reminder that drivers often just don’t see us…particularly if distracted, focused on something else, and not ‘expecting’ to see us

…rubber side down 🙂

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