squeezing off a few pounds: 205 to 190 in 6 weeks

I have to tell you, it’s a little weird.

I don’t know if it’s because I came up with this plan for myself to drop a few pounds and it’s actually working or that I find myself in such uncharted waters.

My weigh-in this morning…190…I’ve been in the 192-191 range here for a couple of days, so enough to say that it’s ‘real’

Now my next ‘official’ weigh-in is 2 weeks from now on September 2, where my goal was to be at 191…since I’m there now, probably part of the weird part…if you missed some of my earlier posts over the last 6 weeks about how I got here, you can click on the Weight Loss link in the Categories section down the right side of this Home page.

…my trendline puts me at 191…my 7 day average is 192

…so with 2 weeks to go, I’m not going to adjust anything, and see what happens…we have some vacation coming up in the next 2 weeks, with its associated partying and dinners out every night, so I’ll be outside of my contained, tightly controlled environment, so will be the telling tale

…sort of like leaving the safety of ‘calorie rehab’ with my new, now familiar, eating patterns, and foods, and portions, to see if I can take what I’ve learned, out into the real world…can I hold or improve on the 190 with my new ‘behaviour modification’, or slip back when faced with foods with unknown calories, and meals without my food scale, and online Food Diary …well, the Food Diary is on an app on my phone, so I can still discreetly check in 🙂

My original goal was to be at 195 at the end of October…4 months…I hit that in 4 weeks…my adjusted goal was to be at 185 by the end of October…even though I’m not dropping pounds at the same rate as the first month, I’m still trending to 185 by the end of September at this point.

Did I say that it’s a little weird?…that original love-handle fat pocket still remains…a bit smaller, but not gone…I suppose it will be the last fat standing…I’m not really sure where the 15 pounds has come from…I guess I ‘carried’ it pretty well…that is to say pretty evenly spread out over my body, so maybe not as apparent as those that have a belly hanging over their belt…but there nonetheless

So I’m going to stay the course, stay on my daily calorie and exercise formulas, and let my body decide when it’s found a new level…apparently it was just waiting for the opportunity.

…I’m still pondering all this…so not declaring victory yet…although if weight loss was the goal, I’m at the ‘exceeds’ level, so maybe I should take my own advice and give myself a break and be happy 🙂


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