Blogging is cool…new friends in Spain!

Being the first blog that I’ve _ever_ been involved with, like most projects that I take on, I approach it with zeal…maybe you can tell by the almost daily posts for the past couple of months since we started this…come to find out that most people _usually_ only add a post every once in a while to their blog…go figure 🙂

It’s been a lot of fun…even aside from the research that it’s motivated me to do. I’ve learned a lot about myself writing down my thoughts, and often a post starts with one idea, and just flows through and ends up in a totally different place…an excellent recent example is my post that started acknowledging the death of Jack LaLanne and his death at 96, and ended up with a video of the 20 Minute Workout girls that I enjoyed some 30+ years ago…and did again finding a video on the Internet to put in the post 🙂

…the mind is a weird and wonderful thing…I still have no idea how I got there…but there it was, and that’s how it got posted…although I’ve never kept a journal, I can easily see how it’s a great thing to do.

…and how our blog was recently added as a link to a website in Spain, I have _no_ idea, and would love to know what that trail of discovery was…our ‘stats’ report tells us when our blog is added as a link, so that’s what gave me the heads up.

Turns out the link was to our post with the bike graphic with the parts spelled out in words:

…one of our readers in Spain…in Lleida, in the north-east corner of Spain near Barcelona…added the graphic to their blog, as a way to learn the names of bike parts in English…how creative is that:)

That was just sooo cool, I couldn’t believe it…and they also have a nifty translation button in the upper left side of the page where you can translate their entire site into other languages…English included, so give that a try…I just have to get me one of those 🙂

The philosophical side of a world totally shrunken by technology sounds like some good stuff for future reflection…but for now, the Google auto-translation of our new friend’s post on January 26, 2011:

…the link below goes to the English translated version…their website in its natural form is here or by clicking on our picture today

Today’s Workout:
After Sunday’s bump, now I have less inflamed the coup that I found to fall off the bike (its tone has begun to change to a more yellow color).
I could do a train with plenty of ice on all sides due to the low temperatures we have these days. Some parts of the river were frozen, which I sometimes thought, what am I doing here running while making a freezing cold! (About 0 degrees C, -1 ° C).
At the end I have not even reached the 10km, but I’m happy feeling, because I do not think or get to the 8 km.
…imperfect translation of course…pretty funny…but wow…are you kidding me…from across the ocean…we are not alone in our quests
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