butt fatigue…updating my fit and probably saddle

With 8 weeks to go, I’m now finalizing my equipment choices for Ironman Florida.

As my rides have increased in volume, I’ve been getting some ‘butt fatigue’ as the hours roll along…hard to stay in that aero position if your butt is asking for…or demanding…relief…so decided it’s a good time to take another look at my bike fit, as well as my saddle….particularly with my new bony butt 🙂

I’ve been riding a Fizik Arione for years, and _reasonably_ happy with it, although never really thrilled as the miles increase, so have sort of put up with it…I’ve felt that it’s probably a bit narrow for me, but good enough…and the result of trying out a number of different saddles a few years ago

A comfortable butt, is first and foremost a matter of a good fit on the bike…the saddle itself and shorts are secondary…in fact, many would say that the less padding in your shorts the better…if your fit and saddle are right

…also goes to my considering Ironman in just tri-shorts with their thin padding, to save transition time…I’ve always made a full change into bike shorts, and then into running shorts…maybe not this year, if I can get my butt comfortable enough to stay aero for 5:30-6:00 hours.

I had a full-blown Retul bike fit early in the season

And following my own advise, and now having it re-checked.

My fit has been very good this season…strong power, feeling solid on the bike, no strain points or pain anywhere…and butt comfortable enough…although, as the time in the saddle has increased…like over 3 hours last Saturday, followed by over 2 hours Sunday…and this is only going to increase…it reminds me that my butt is not as comfortable as it could be, so maybe something to look at.

I’ve always liked John Cobb’s stuff…http://cobbcycling.com/…he’s one of the pioneers in bike fit and cycling aerodynamics, and a BIG numbers guy…and now focused on his own line of saddles…nice.

…and the shop that I had my bike fit earlier in the season, Bruce Guild at Studio Velo http://www.studiovelonc.com/ in Mooresville, NC just happens to have a ‘demo seat’ program with Cobb saddles…what’s not to like 🙂

So I went to see Bruce, and we discussed the re-fit and saddle options…and decided to try out one of the Cobb saddles first, to see how I liked it…and then move on to looking at my final position again from there.

So last weekend I tried out the V-Flow

…and this week will try out the Plus.


On first impressions, the V-Flow was more solid on my sit bones…which is a good thing…although ‘thicker’ than the Fizik, so would take some getting use to…and although more comfortable than the Fizik, still not like sitting in my recliner…although after riding the same saddle for years, part of that would be getting use to the new feel

…so we’ll see how the Plus works out, and then fine tune the fit, to give me as comfortable and powerful a ride as I can get.

You’ve had your bike fit looked at this season…by somebody that _really_ knows what they’re doing…right? 🙂


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7 Responses to butt fatigue…updating my fit and probably saddle

  1. Anne Boone says:

    I swear by the ISM Adamo racing saddle. In the aerobars, where I am 99% of the time (I’m much more comfortable there than sitting up) I’m basically riding on my crotch, not the sit bones. This is where the Adamo exels. When sitting up, the Adamo isn’t comfortable to me.

    I did 75 miles in my Pearl Izumi tri shorts and figured that 112 wouldn’t be comfortable. Not unless I was applying vaseline at regular intervals. So I’m going to wear bike shorts and change into run shorts. I figure it will only take a minute. Besides, I was a little worried about running in tri shorts after peeing in them several times. Would they chafe, etc.? Especially if the weather isn’t hot, and I’m not seating profusely, they might get sticky. Ugh. Plus, peeing on the run in tri shorts would require removing the shorts from my butt. All this peeing and planning to pee can get pretty complicated, huh?

    So that’s my pissy 2 cents worth!

    • Dad says:

      Anne, I did try the Adamo saddle early on a few years ago, and _really_ wanted to like it…sadly it was too wide for me, and chafing on the inside of both legs…

      I’ve used Sportslick for years as a lubricant…the stuff stays on a loooong time

      …I’ve had a recent recommendation for Bag Balm, so I thought that I’d give it a try…though not ‘technically’ approved for humans…cow udders actually…apparently works great 🙂

      • Anne Boone says:

        I like good old vaseline. Bag balm is great for dry hands. I used to buy it at the local feed store. Now they probably have it at Whole Foods!

  2. Casey says:

    I use Bag Balm and really like it, but I have never used any other types of lubricant. I’ll tell you one thing, one container of Bag Balm will last you a lifetime. Bag Balm is kind of thick and sticky like Vaseline, I’m pretty sure it is petroleum based.

    • Dad says:

      Casey, I just got my Bag Balm today…too funny that on the container pets and cows are specifically mentioned…nothing about humans

      …you’re, like sure that you’ve not had any …like weird…’side-effects’ 🙂

  3. Chuck says:

    So Steve, I’m with Anne. I credit the ISM Adamo (a John Cobb design) with powering me to that sub 12 hour IMFL finish. From a guys prespective it’s a great saddle becauase you’re less likely to get numbness. I can just sit on my crotch bones and motor.

    For lube I looked to the randonneurs that ride such crazy races as Paris-Brest-Paris. I found a product that you can order from drug stores called Lantiseptic skin protectant. It’s meant for nursing home patients to guard against pressure sores. You have to trowel it onto your chamois with a putty knife, it’s so thick, but it takes hours to break down… It’s what I used for IMFL, and I swear by it for long distance rides.

    • Dad says:

      Thanks for the Lantiseptic tip Chuck…I’ll give it a try

      …I’ve decided on the Cobb Plus saddle…the Adamo was a bit wide for me

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