Laura Scott, You Are an Ironman!

At the finish line of every Ironman, an enthusiastic announcer, calls out each finisher by name, and loudly proclaims in a voice worthy of town criers of old, that ‘You are an Ironman!’.  At the end of a long day, with the finish line in sight, you get a new-found energy, and roll across the finishing mat, under the bright lights, with a fresh look and a smile…it’s a great moment the first time that you hear that…and every time after.

For me, the Ironman ‘journey’ was the pursuit and attainment of a seemingly impossible athletic dream and finally goal.

On Wednesday night, we watched as a dear friend of ours, Laura Scott, was on the Joy Behar show on CNN, as part of a 3 woman panel discussing the topic, ‘Childless by Choice’.

We’ve known Laura for over 20 year now.  In watching her that night, it struck me just how far she had come in the pursuit of her dreams and goals.  She was poised, confident, credible, and unbelievably calm in front of bright studio lights, cameras, and a rapid-fire format, delivering tight and enthusiastic answers.   Wow!

Laura has achieved national recognition and acclaim for her work on writing a book and associated film documentary, on the topic of Childless by Choice.  It wasn’t always that way.

We were there well before the bright lights that are shining on her now.  I do remember those early days…and years…when Laura thought that one day, maybe just maybe, she could/would write a book and create a film that folks would notice.  Lots of people ‘think’ about stuff like that…very few ever do.

Her pursuit, is not unlike the ‘Ironman’ journey.  In her case, the dream and goals were literary instead of athletic…the path and final accomplishment no less amazing when finally achieved.

Do you have an ‘Ironman’ dream and goal?

Laura we’re very proud of you…”You are an Ironman!”

Good job!

Video excerpt from the Joy Behar Show: Laura in the center

Laura Scott’s Childless By Choice Website

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