Never too soon to get started

Well, the gym is packed again for the New Year…_truly_ all ages, shapes and sizes out in their new exercise togs…and treadmills and steppers and ellipticals that only a few weeks ago, were dusty, and forlorn, bravely standing at attention, while their bearings slowly dried out, are now pressed into action, creaking and humming under the weight of one sweaty and puffing ‘athlete’ after another…it’s all good of course.

And I’m reminded that it’s just not just the hard-core stuff that ‘counts’…if you’ve ever been at a wedding and danced the polka all night long as I have, with a conga line of eager aunts waiting their turn, you’d know what a _real_ workout is 🙂

…so never too soon…or too young…to get started with a bit of exercise…however it’s defined

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