Sighting in open water

Having been following lane lines for months now, we’re at the beach for a few days, and getting in some open water swimming.

Looking for some ideas on ‘sighting’ in open water, I thought that this video clip of Terry Laughlin from Total Immersion Swimming was particularly good:

An article on their website by Suzanne Atkinson she makes the point:

Rather (than) try to fight the water lifting  your head up for several seconds at a time in order to get a clear and  unobstructed view of your landmarks or buoys, accept that it’s OK to  only see a little bit of information at a time.  In a few more strokes  you can take another peek and gather some additional information.  You  only need to see a little ways in front of you, or that you are mostly  headed in the proper direction.

The actual sighting technique,  which I’ll talk about in detail in the next article and an accompanying  video, requires just a “peek” above the water.  A small slice of visual  information.  in a brief moment, the light hits your retina and travels  to your brain faster than you can process it.  By the time you’ve  thought about what you have seen, there is already new visual  information streaming into your brain.–Overcoming-Psyschological-Fears.html

Off to the ocean to give it try 🙂


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