so when to get back on the training wagon…

still nursing a persistent cough through yesterday…although improved…only every once in a while…much better last night than the night before and definately better than the night before that…so a positive trend…a few GI issues this morning…hopefully it’s not morphing into something else…so I’ll give it another day…

…walked 2 miles 2 days ago…took another day off yesterday…waiting…looking for the end to that last coughing series…and to feel ‘good’ again…impatient…yet patient…I _really_ don’t like being sick or injuried…and rarely am…reading my earlier posts so that I don’t fatten up too much without the exercise balance:

and reminding myself that it is mid-February…I need to be in fighting form by April 1st, for the 3 month ramp up for the Vancouver Half Iron, on July 3…so I have 6 weeks to heal, and get back to a decent fitness level…training to train πŸ™‚

…so I’m thinking that I’d better come out clean and away from these ‘issues’, than push too hard too early, and fall backwards…a word of encouragement from Patrick McCrann from Endurance Nation:

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6 Responses to so when to get back on the training wagon…

  1. Jane says:

    Hang in there, Steve – you’ll be well soon and back at it, I know. I just had to pull out of TryCharleston because of a torn meniscus in my right knee! Doggone-it. Running is absolutely out until I have this fixed and go through the recovery. I can ride and swim but even then am in some pain – even with a cortisone shot – walking and teaching (basically being on my feet) for any length of time at all is really tough. So… when do I go get the MRI and go to the surgeon? Have to try PT first. Have to, right? Well, I’m going to. But this isn’t looking good. πŸ™ Had my pity party this week – took 3 days completely off. Today I rode with Jana and it was fun! Anyway – miss you.


    • Dad says:

      Rats Jane…I don’t know how that’s supposed to make me feel better πŸ™
      – having said that it is 3 years coming up that I ducked surgery on _my_ torn medial meniscus…and although a ‘factor’ still ticking…there I go again tempting the Goddess of Fate…I have to stop doing that some day…hopefully a bit of a rest and rehab gets you back going again…

  2. Jane says:

    Yep, it’s my medial meniscus too! I had a great ride today and think I’d be happy not running at all if it’s necessary… I don’t know…

    And you should feel better because all you have is a cough that will DEFINITELY get better soon! πŸ™‚ So, meanwhile, when is your next trip to Charleston? πŸ™‚

    • Dad says:

      Jane, we’ve had the _idea_ of a Charleston trip on the calendar, just haven’t gotten it in yet…of course I know that you _love_ the North Carolina hills, so come up for a few days…you may have to wait for me at the top with my current conditioning, but it would be fun πŸ™‚

  3. Anne Boone says:

    Gee, seems like everybody is going through a slump. Hope you don’t mind, but that video was so good that I posted it on Facebook.
    I did my first outdoor ride yesterday…19 whopping miles. I’m running an 8K tomorrow, so didn’t want to push it. I have Try Chas April 30. I have a LOT of work to do!
    I’ve started swimming at the MLK 50 meter pool. SO much nicer than the short ones. Besides, at the 25 meter I was swimming at, there is a water aerobics class going on and the sight of all the underwater jiggling cellulite in the next lane was depressing. πŸ˜‰ Made me remember how close I am to being just like that. I’m 4 pounds more than I was at IMFL. Guess I should be grateful that that’s all I’ve gained. But I feel fat and slow and outta shape.

    Get well and get back! And keep the blogs coming!

    • Dad says:

      Anne, glad that you enjoyed the video…seemed to hit the spot with me as well, with this lingering whatever-I’ve-got this past couple of weeks

      …I agree with you that the 50M pool is _so_ much better…although I’m sure that the water aerobics folks will miss the inspiration of watching a buff, Masters, female triathlete rolling through their laps…as _they_ are thinking “if I stay at this class long enough some day I’ll be able to swim like her’ πŸ™‚

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