squeezing off a few pounds: 205 to 187 this morning

Good news!…at my 2 week interim weigh-in this morning, the scales settled at 187

…this is down from 189, 2 weeks ago…and 18 pounds down from my 205 starting point 2 1/2 months ago 🙂

…and getting dangerously close to entering my 185’ish Target Range

And once again, since this is the lowest that it’s been my ‘actual’ weight is probably a pound or two higher, but I’d say safely under 190 at this point.

The last 2 weeks have been interesting, so in our picture today, I’ve isolated the last 4 weeks…as you can see, its definatley not just a straight line down.

From my last weigh-in 2 weeks ago (189), that weekend we took a vacation, and enjoyed some over the top revelry.

The next time that I was on the scales was the following Friday…one week ago…and I registered a 192….today 187.

Does that _really_ mean that I gained 3 pounds in one week, and lost 5 pounds in one week?…no…I was still counting calories every day, except for 2 days on the weekend, and still within the parameters that I’ve been in for 2 1/2 months now.

There was a bit of a difference last week though…I did my bike test and run test, so wanted to be fully fueled for these maximum efforts, and therefore made sure that I wasn’t short of calories at all…so in essence, focused on letting the calorie balance come back to even each day, rather than a 500 calorie deficit…the biggest adjustment was fueling during exercise with Gatorade and gels…whereas, I’ve been staying on water on workouts up to 60-90 minutes.

What I’ve seen pretty readily is that with the extra ‘carb loading’, my weight went up…one primary reason:

 It is estimated that every gram of glycogen stored is associated with about 2.7g of water

 …and on this past weekend, with 5 hours on the bike, I made sure that I was well fueled going into the weekend, and fueling during the ride like in a race….so 3-400 calories per hour.

This week, I’ve been back on my routine of water only during the shorter and less intense exercise sessions…and therefore, without the BIG carb kick from last week, ‘weight’ back in line…oh and at the lowest point that it’s been since I-can’t-remember-when 🙂

If you’re new to this storyline…my quest to lose 20 pounds before Ironman Florida, you can catch it all here: http://www.irondaughterirondad.com/category/weight-loss-2/

…next ‘official’ weigh-in in 2 weeks, and _hopefully_ will be settled into a ‘hard’ 187 by then

…a new picture may be in order 🙂


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