Stroke thought focus/count strokes/laps/remember…brain fry!

So I got some help…Swimsense by Finis 🙂

With my increased focus on stroke rate and stroke length and the minutia of all the numbers, one is faced with the practical matter of how to keep track of everything…when the _real_ focus should be on swimming.

So I went to technology…not surprising since when I’m running, every step and heartbeat is tracked, recorded and uploaded with my Polar 625x, and when biking every pedal stroke, and heartbeat, and the power that I’m generating is recorded every second by my PowerTap and uploaded into my training log.

…so I went with a Finis Swimsense…the latest technology for swimming…I did consider its nearest competitor Swimovate Pool-Mate Pro, but liked the Swimsense analytics and integration with my Training Peaks training log…a good comparative review:

You wear it on your wrist, and it primarily records:

  • every stroke that you take
  • the time for every lap
  • the time of every pause between laps
  • and uploads the data into my online training log, as well as into it’s own analysis program

…so there’s no hiding in a workout…and although I’ll still count strokes, if my stroke fundamentals are demanding attention, I can shift my focus there, and not be concerned that my stroke count will go unnoticed…or when swimming lengths in a 25 yard pool…with a wall and turn every 30 seconds or less…my Swimsense will keep track of how many I’ve done within each interval

…at least that’s what the brochure says 🙂

…no Heart Rate monitor, so that’s a weakness, no way to set for open water, but apparently coming at some point…but for now it’ll ease the multi-tasking requirements of my overtaxed Masters brain, and allow me to stay focused on the stroke thoughts/adjustments that’ll get me to the finish line as efficiently and quickly as possible.

…Coach Dinah Mistilis said that she would like a report on my stroke count and times during practise sessions…so for her, and for those interested in such things, stay tuned for _heavy_ swim data 🙂

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2 Responses to Stroke thought focus/count strokes/laps/remember…brain fry!

  1. Anne Boone says:

    How much swimming (like distance in miles) are you doing each week at this point? I need to increase my long swim pretty soon to 2 miles, and do it twice/week. And I’ll do a mile once/week and a few intervals once/week…total 4 times/week.

    24 years ago, training for Kona, I was doing 5-7 miles/week at this point, including intervals. Last year for IMFL it was 2-4. Right now it’s about 2. Not good. Most my swimming is in the lake, so it’s hard to judge distance. Does your neato gadget do that, or just count laps?

    • Dad says:

      Anne, I’m now ramping up to 2.5-3,000 of intervals in the pool twice a week, + 1 lesson for about 1000-1500 yards + planning to add an open water for 1500’ish each week
      – so total of 7-9,000 yards +/-, so about 4-5 miles a week
      – the swimming thing is only for pool use at this point…you have to set a pool length, and everything works from there…and they don’t have GPS, so no way of tracking distance

      – what I did on open water swims to estimate the distance was ‘map’ it using an online GPS mapping program, like this one:
      – Zoom down to the lake that you swim in, and then draw your route, and it’ll tell you how far, if you’re swimming the route…

      – – or alternately, I’ve read that you can put a Garmin 305 (GPS) under your swim cap and get a good reading…haven’t tried it though…one reference about that:

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