The golden age of flying…gone :(

Flying out to the west coast yesterday for my convention this weekend, I am reminded that the golden age of flying is long gone.  Cramped, low on service, high on irritation, I did nonetheless arrive on time, with my bags…our expectations have been driven so low, that we’re pleasantly surprised, if not a bit shocked, when these minimum service standards are actually met.

Reminded me of an article that I read last year about Ryanair introducing ‘vertical seating’ in the last 10 rows of their airplanes, and charging for restroom privileges…I can hardly wait for my first standing room only flight…sounds weird, but if you plot the trend, it’s definitely the next logical step for the airlines…

Click here for the article and newscast video

…well off to my meetings today, and that earning a living thing 🙂

…oh and will get in a short easy walk/run to check out the hamstring

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