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With my recent hamstring warning shot, I’m back into yoga with more frequency, to make sure that I’m getting stretched out a bit.  My introduction to yoga was a ‘Men’s Only’ class many years ago…details in an earlier post:

Recently, I find the easiest way to fit it in, is online…I use:

Rather a cool website, in that they have a wide range of yoga classes available…all online…all instant…and for any amount of time and type and level of yoga that you’re looking for…oh…and at $9.95 a month for as much yoga as you can stand, quite a bargain 🙂

Of course, there are benefits to going to a ‘live’ yoga class…most useful, would be correcting positions to be more accurate…(in some classes there’s a lot of instructor involvement…in others none)…or the camaraderie of being with your buddies in a class…or the energy of being in the class with others…or the ‘quiet, focused atmosphere’ of a yoga class, or being inspired by the other students or live instructor…or a particularly interesting instructor, or…

Offsetting that however, is the elimination of the time overhead of finding the right class, with the right instructor, at the right time, on the right day, and getting there ahead of time, and getting ready, and driving back.

I like a Vinyasa style class…fast paced, flowing yoga style…and even on a busy day, there are a couple of 30 minute classes with instructor Clara Roberts-Oss that find myself heading to…online…that I can fit in between calls and email.

I do find that it’s harder to shed the day off in an online class…so may not be as good for the mind as a live class…although I do find that I often get a class in, that otherwise just wouldn’t happen…so better for the body than skipping it. 

Of course, the best of the yogi’s don’t need an online program at all…a cave and a candle, and they’re all setup…I’m not quite there…yet 🙂

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