How’s Iron Daughter doing on her Paleo Diet?

Inquiring readers have wondered how Iron Daughter is doing on her Paleo Diet this week…I did talk with her a couple of days ago, and other than getting ‘dinged’ on the cholesterol numbers every day in her food diary, and trying to find Paleo snacks, she said everything was going well…something about that work thing consuming her time…

…although it sounded a little ‘fishy’ to me…

…so I sent out the same crew that found her in an early season exercise class as reported in my December 15, 2010 post:

…to find out the ‘real’ story…the disguise did throw off my stealth video group but not for long…ah…glad to see her enjoying the new diet…I guess that’ll be me on Monday 🙂

[flowplayer src=’′ width=320 height=180 autoplay=true]

(full screen by clicking on the rectangle in the lower right side corner)

My Day 4 summary will auto-post at 3pm Eastern today, so that I don’t ‘step’ on this important news flash 🙂

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