Vegan Virgin: Day 3

This post is/was written throughout the day (Wednesday Feb. 23)…Day 3 will have a bit more calorie burn in it, than day 1 or 2, so I’m still looking at the 2,500 calorie budget ceiling….and that elusive 100 grams of protein. 

For those just looking for the final numbers, in a PDF format:
click here for the details of vegan day 3 110223

Iron Wife is also having her hair ‘done’ this afternoon…if you asked her, she’d tell you that she looks like the woman in our picture today…and therefore at a ‘critical’ stage…of course if you know her, that’s never true…but…so this half day event typically means heavy lobbying late in the day to go out for dinner…that girl thing of feeling pretty and all…may as well enjoy the good mojo 🙂

Opens in New Window: I Feel Pretty

So, if we’re going out for dinner, I’ll need to be ahead on the protein and not rely on the restaurant…we can always go vegan-friendly, so that may be the smart thing to do, and not test the diet in a less than ideal setting first time out.

So breakfast…ah…that was better…made my normal fruit smoothie, but only drank half of it…rest in the fridge for later, and added a Clif bar…nice…461 calories, still 87 grams of carbs, with 12 grams of protein (10%)…I like those numbers a lot better!…I’m reminded that the Paleo guys actually prefer around a 10% protein level in each meal, even if it’s carb focused around exercise…helps metabolise the carbs in a lot of recent research…so I probably haven’t been as diligent in making sure that happened.

That took me to a late morning run…1:06, 5.6 miles…eeeeasy pace…walking hills…center 3 miles on the local college track to stay flat…still nervous about that hamstring…nothing blew up, seized up, or cramped up, so good!..and about 800 calories, so adds to my 2,000 baseline calorie budget for the day…so 2,800 gives me even a bit more room than the last 2 days.

After the run, the other half of my smoothie, and a protein hit from a seitan sandwich, which gave me a total of 563 calories, 89 grams of carbs, 33.6 grams of protein (23%)…excellent!

One thing that I’ll often do during the day is enter in foods that I’m thinking about eating into the Food Diary, and see how the ‘numbers’ look to me…before I eat it…and take them out if I decide not to…same thing before going out for dinner at a restaurant…generally like to have a plan…don’t always stick to the restaurant plan, but at least I have a plan going in 🙂

so my 3pm checkpoint after a snack of almonds, and some leftover butternut squash ravioli and mushrooms…the apple didn’t make the cut..maybe later…looking really good…_much_ better than Day 1 on the protein:

  • 1,290 calories, 54.9 grams of protein (16%) Vegan Day 3
  • 1,168 calories, 42.4 grams of protein (14%) Vegan Day 2
  • 1,272 calories, 38.3 grams of protein (11%) Vegan Day 1

bit of a snack of peanut butter, jam and 1 slice of Ezekiel bread, and then dinner

Sure enough out for dinner with a newly ‘fluffed’ Iron Wife…beautiful 🙂

My reservation was at …perfect for both Vegan and Paleo types.

Started with the edamame (soy beans) appetizer, half a vegetarian (vegan) roll, and then from the stir-fry bar…what a great idea:

  • Banh Pho (or Sen Lek) – Thin rice stick noodles – vegan
  • Soya (fat-free/vegan) – for protein
  • choice of vegetables from the stir-fry bar
  • teriyaki sauce

Added a beer, and a glass of wine.

Feeling full as I was eating, I took half of the stir fry, and edamame home…estimates of quantities and exact elements, but close enough.

Turned out rather well…when I hit the button to View Daily Report:

  • 2,503 calories, 100.2 grams of protein…yeah! of the numbers really good again


That 1,000 calorie dinner is the next thing to get back under control…I feel full with that many calories in a meal…#3-2 on a scale in my earlier post:

I’m starting to get a handle on what it takes to get the protein into a vegan diet…still fine tuning, but at least I’m getting a better idea on how to get there…my actual longer term, heavy training or weight loss protein numbers are closer to 120-140+ grams a day, but with that my exercise each day is about double of what I’ve done this week, so there’s a bit of room…my challenge has been getting to 100 grams of protein within 2,500 calories on a vegan diet…I should write an article about…actually, I probably just have

…and I still think that a vegan diet does take planning to make sure that it’s as healthy as it can be…and there aren’t a lot of people who are going to look at it as closely as I have…do you think 🙂

I’m thinking that I’ll now fine tune a bit more to look more at the quality of what I’m eating, and start looking at some of the micro elements, leading into my ultimate question:

What Vegan Diet foods are healthier than their Paleo counterparts?

…both diet protocols agree on a few things, and disagree on others:

  • fruit, vegetables very good in both
  • dairy, not so much in both diets
  • legumes, nuts, in general agreement, although Vegan more strongly ‘yes’, Paleo more selective
  • grains, Vegan heavy focus, Paleo discouraged
  • meat and fish…the main area of disagreement
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