look for this tattoo in your next race

If you see this tattoo on the course in your next race, take a good look, since you won’t see it again until the line for pizza after the finish line

…for it is the latest artistic addition of Iron Buddy Anne Boone…you can see the older one below at her ankle…just doesn’t make the same statement does it 🙂

Why do I know that you won’t see it again?

…wellll, Iron Anne, like Iron Dad, prefers a rather relaxed swimming pace…to sort of get warmed up you know…well, maybe we just can’t really swim any faster without redlining our heart rate…not having started as water babies at age 0…like my granddaughter by-the-way 🙂

…and lifeguard-at-an-early-age Iron Daughter

…so at the point that you see this tattoo go by you, you’re not likely to see it again, because Iron Anne is solid on the bike, and even stronger on the run

…so if you see the tattoo go by, call out ‘good job Anne’…and you may get a quick wave, but probably not a look back…as Iron Anne is heading to another age group win

…Female 65-69

…Good Job Anne!…love the tattoo 🙂

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