squeezing off a few pounds: 205 to 187 in 3 months

Well Friday was an official weigh-in date…187…right at my goal for the date…and the same as it was 2 weeks ago…so this peeling off the weight things has slowed down.

So, interesting that this is the first 4 week period in the past 3 months that I didn’t drop at least 1 pound a week on average…

A few contributing factors that I can think of:

  • the first thing that comes to mind is that my body is adjusting to the new weight level, and exhibiting reluctance to give up more…sort of has my ‘technique’ figured out…the well documented ‘plateau’
  • as the workouts have been longer, I’ve been eating and drinking more during workouts, so not getting the BIG calorie deficit as water only for the 60-90 minute workouts
  • I find that the next couple of days after a long workout…like those 6 hour bike rides, followed by a 1 hour run…my weight remains up a couple of pounds, even though I ran a rather large calorie deficit…presumably in deference to the body retaining more fluids with the BIG carb load during training…or some would suggest in ‘triage’ mode repairing muscles and structure
  • this past week, I’ve had the exercise cut back with that scratchy throat thing and congestion, so very difficult for me to adjust the calories down to compensate…_only_ 11 hours of exercise…age group triathlete idea of a ‘recovery’ week 🙂
  • even though the weight isn’t down much from last month, I do have a bit more upper body and ab definition…my abs actually have some loose skin, that looks a little weird…sort of an emerging 6-pack-ab-look an optimist would say
  • so it could be that with the BIG HIT (High Intensity Training) that I’ve been doing that some muscle has been added onto the old bones, and offsetting a bit more fat coming off

All in all, what used to be 205 on a fat day, is now 190…I’ll take it 🙂

With 5 weeks to go to Ironman Florida, I’m not going to angst too much more about the weight thing…priorities are strong workouts, and getting/staying healthy, so if it takes a few more calories to stay on the safe side of that equation, that’s were I’ll target.

My original target was to lose 10 pounds from 205 – 195…when I blew by that target in 1 month, I re-set the goal to 185…and have been slowly meandering towards it…earlier posts if you haven’t been following…or here for all of if it:

So I’m going to leave it at 185, just to keep the focus on the calorie thing for 1 more month…it would be a shame to add back on any weight before I have to cart it around for 12-13 hours on November 5

…and I do have to tell you that this weight management thing is _constant_ work…I have this sense that if left to its own, my body is more than willing to pack on the pounds the moment I take my eye off it…so I _really_ need to stay focused the next 4 weeks…I’ve seen on days that I don’t record the calories as I’m eating them during the day, and then go back later in the day or next day, and re-construct it, that I’ve inevitably eaten more than I thought…

1 Gatorade bottle of weight to go…185 pounds…4 weeks…count on it

…that’s me giving myself a pep talk 🙂


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