Age group athletes vs. Mother Nature et al

On January 4, 2011, I wrote about my bike test and result of 249 Watts FTP

and on January 7, my run test result of 37 vDOT

So it’s coming up to that time to re-test, to see what fitness gains I’ve made since then…if any…I’ll write in more detail about my predictions before the actual tests

Fortuna (the goddess of fate), has had some success in throwing a few hurdles in my way over the past 3 months…and as a result my training has been a bit mixed…there where some scheduled breaks for vacation and work stuff, and then unscheduled breaks for a sore throat that eased away then returned, and a pulled hamstring…this past week I’ve felt a bit ‘worn’ so eased things back…and also didn’t want to be tired going into a bike and run test next week…although not like a ‘real’ taper in advance of a BIG race.

Next week is going to be a bit of an additional challenge, in that my wife is going in for some surgery on Wednesday, so that’s going to fragment the week…and the following week one of my business partners _really_ wants me to travel out for a meeting for a couple of days…I much prefer to travel ‘virtually’, with meetings over the Internet, than burning up time in airports…but sometimes people just need to actually see my smiling face I suppose.

…so we age group athlete’s continue against the odds and obstacles, to get and keep training on track, and eke out improbable improvements, in the achievement of goals that are largely, simply, self satisfying

Of course, I’m also 3 months older than the tests in January…so not to miss the obvious relentless challenge for the Masters athlete…

…I’m looking to improve my fitness from a pretty high level already, in the face of Mother Nature trying to take me the other way, and shrivel me up like a prune

…but I remain still      …and as determined as ever

…let’s bring it on 🙂

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